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Government of Manitoba
International Education

Latin American Tour

Date of Event: Sep 25 2013 - Sep 26 2013         Sub-Sectors: All

Venue: Local Educational Institutions
Location: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Region: South America
Status: confirmed
Contact: Mrs. Patricia Wilson, Trade Commissioner for the Canadian Embassy in Montevideo
Contact Email: [email protected]
This is an event organized with different Missions in the region in which several Canadian institutions visit their countries. In Montevideo, the activity will involve some conferences which are held in Universities focused mostly in students finishing their bachelors that want to do a master or a student exchange. There is also a possibility to make a small fair in the hall where institutions will be able to talk with students one by one.

This initiative supports the Government of Canada's strategy in education and it is planned in order to increase both the recruitment of international students to study in Canada and the development of partnerships leading to the sale or lease of Canadian curricula and study programs to institutions in Uruguay.

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